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Fireworks and Pyrotechnics

Lake District Events_transparentWow your guests at the end of the evening or open an event with a bang, professionally designed firework display are always a winner!

At Lake District Events we offer three set packages.

However if you have something specific in mind or want to discuss more involved shows we’re more than happy to meet on site at your venue to design your perfect show.

All shows come with the option of being low noise as well as set to music.


Lakeland Magic

Duration: 5 minutes

Enchanted fire fountain spring burst into the Lakeland sky creating a dazzling curtain of glittering gemstones, setting the stage for a theatre of Pyrotechnic grace. Long tailed comets leap out into the night whilst the sky hosts their dance. Beautiful celestial flowers burst into life unfurl their bright coloured petals before the mighty silver willow performs her closing act.

Lakeland Wonderland

Duration 7 minutes

This breath taking all silver and white show is an absolute must for weddings and special occasions. Sizzling electric strobes, snow storms, fountains and silver rain Catherine wheels flicker long enough to lull the audience into a sense of serenity and then it begins. Huge exploding cascades burst into the night sky with platinum glitter shells crowning blossoming white flowers followed by dancing pearls and long shimmering streamers. Ending with clouds of twinkling white diamonds and cascading chandeliers. Visually stunning and brilliantly classy.

Lakeland Enlightenment

Duration 20 minutes

Our most exquisite exhibition of the finest fireworks from around the world. Prepare to fall into the pages of a fairy tale book. This display is truly awesome. At ground level we use gigantic wheels gushing filigree fountains mounted upon poles and frames. This is followed by a barrage of the largest hand built shells reaching altitudes in excess of 1000ft which have a blast radius of over 600ft. They use the latest effects and hold the deepest colour saturation with extended hang times. It doesn’t get much better than this.

If you’re interested in a pyrotechnic display, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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