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Introducing the Active8 Events Team.

John Wilson

Lake District eventsActive8 Events is managed by John Wilson, who has been at the forefront of events management in the Lake District an beyond, With over 25 years of experience, delivering high energy adventure events within the Lake District. John is married with two children and when he’s not working, his main interests are cycling, snowboarding, stand up paddle boarding  and fly fishing. He is passionate (almost excessively so) about making every experience as good as it can be. When he’s not helping to sort out your visit to the Lakes he’s planning his next SUP adventure.

Nicole MacGregor

Lake District Events NicoleNicole joined the team at the start of 2015 as office manager. Tasked with organising and managing a well-established team and implementing a whole raft of changes. Not only has Nicole fitted seamlessly into the team, she has somehow managed to get them all under control and working with new systems; brilliant. When she’s not keeping the office running smoothly she’s out climbing and inspiring a new generation of rock climbers through her involvement in the Eden Rock youth team.

Gareth Hughes

Lake District Events GarethGareth joined the Active8 Events team in the spring of 2015 and his impact was felt straight away. He’s young, vibrant and always up for a challenge. Tasked with bringing the older members of the team up to speed with web technology, marketing, social media and the new millennia, a role that he has excelled in; not only that, he’s inspired everyone with his “can do” attitude. When he’s not showing the way in the office or out hosting one of our events, he’s out surfing or riding rails on the only homemade dry ski slope in Cumbria.

Stephen Bough

What can Lake District Events Boyou say about “Bo”? Few men become legends in their own life time, but then few men have lived the life Bo has! Born in Carlisle, Cumbria just wasn’t big enough for him, he has climbed, paddled, dived, surfed and latterly kite surfed his way round the globe. He now splits his time between guiding in the Himalayas, building climbing walls in Singapore, kite surfing in Tarifa or Brazil and when he’s home in the Lakes, working with John and the team at Active8 Events. The king of understatement, it’s always a pleasure to sit back and listen to one of Bo’s stories.

Paul Weller

Lake District Events PaulThe quiet man of Lake District Events, Paul has been working with the company since its conception. His relaxed and comfortable style is a joy to behold in an industry inhabited by loud and outwardly forceful characters. Paul has a massive depth of experience working in team scenarios and if you’re lucky enough to experience one of his stories you get a real insight into a man that can truly be described as inspirational. When Paul’s not inspiring others to achieve great things, he’ll be out doing great things, rock climbing, canoeing, mountaineering and snowboarding. Paul like his namesake is also an accomplished guitarist and camp fire raconteur.

Gary Gifford

Lake District Events GaryGary “Gifted” is an inspiration to anyone who meets him. His ability to grab an audience and hold them spell bound and in fits of laughter is something to behold. Gary has been working with the company for the last 15 years and when it comes to thinking outside the box and getting a crowd fired up he’s your man. When he’s not hosting and entertaining our clients he’s keeping his growing family entertained. Every kid should have dad like Gary.


Claudio Kron

Lake District Events ClaudioHow do you best describe Claudio! Percussionist, dancer, poet, song writer and above all – an entertainer. Born in Bahia in Brazil Claudio has devoted himself to music since the age of 9 when his mother Nanucia Lima Santos presented him with his very own Berimbau! He has been based in the UK since 1996 where his sound has continued to evolve. Claudio is the passion and the power behind Active8 Events ‘Drumming 4 Business’ events. With his positively electric personality, Claudio has an amazing ability to send out almost a shock wave of positivity and togetherness that has to be seen to be believed.

Simon Yates

Lake District Events Simon YatesAuthor, mountaineer, explorer and reluctant celebrity. Simon took up residence in our Lake District office building in 2002, initially a short term arrangement to give him a quiet space to finish writing his second book and manage his mountaineering expedition business “Mountain Dream”. Thirteen years, three books, countless expeditions and two children later and he’s still here. We recommend every office has a Simon, great stories, great company and a great friend.