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Casino events

Lake District Events_transparentBring the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas directly to your guests with this evening event that never fails to entertain!

Weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties, charity fundraisers the list goes on…

In this exciting night of gambling, hosted by professional croupiers everyone is a winner as we only play with fun money to win prizes at the end of the night.

By arrangement the invitations and fun money can be delivered to the clients’ rooms, handed out as a welcome on the door or hand delivered by the croupiers over dinner.

Our casino tables can be erected in any function room, hotel bar or lobby. The number of tables required for this event will depend on the number of gamblers participating.

The tables are full size, stylishly lit and manned by professional croupiers who will help to generate atmosphere at the tables, helping novices and providing gambling banter for the old hands.

The event culminates in a chip count with prizes being awarded to the richest teams or individuals. Humorous prizes can also be awarded to the quickest losers and the most daring gamblers.



We have the following tables available:

 American Roulette

 Black Jack

 Stud Poker

 Craps

 Three Card Monty

 Texas Hold’em

If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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