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Operation Antidote

Lake District Events_transparentLast night a consignment of vital medical supplies mysteriously fell out of a transport plane heading from London to Glasgow. With a pandemic wave spreading across the south of England, these vital medical supplies are believed to be the only. Your team’s task is to locate the 4 missing canisters and return them to the team of highly skilled pharmacists already in the area!

Operation Anti-Dote is an outdoor pursuits based challenge designed to entertain and actively engage your team in a sequence of mind-bending problem solving tasks and outdoor pursuit challenges. Successful teams will not only have proved their effectiveness but also discovered a cure; which is generally best consumed with plenty of ice and lemon!




 Digital radio navigation

 Odd balls

 Canoeing

 Night line

 Meltdown

 Abseiling

 Breakout

 Discourse

 Plastic rafting

 The lock box

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