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Pub Olympics

Lake District Events_transparentThe Pub Olympics” brings the excitement of the greatest sporting event on earth to your evening function, providing your team with the ideal way to unwind and have fun. Table teams are given national identity head wear and then compete at a series of Pub based events. Its fast and furious and loads of fun.

All team activities will be hosted by representatives of the Pub Olympics Committee who are on hand to keep the scores and ensure the participants play within the spirit of the Olympic ideal.


The event is structured according to the venue, number of delegates and team size and can include:

 Table football

 Darts

 Quoits

 Bar Skittles

 Vision video car racing

 Las vegas beer pong

 Shuffleboard

 Video quick draw

 The captains mistress

 Crokinole

 Shove ha penny

 Scalextric

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

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